MAUDRET Law Office’s main area of practice is criminal and civil law, commercial law, real estate property, and legal proceedings.

Mr. MAUDRET has acquired in depth expertise in relation to :

• Criminal trials and lawsuits, press litigations, libel action,

Mr. MAUDRET is registered as a Counsel on the List of Counsel of the ICC
(International Criminal Court),

• Civil and commercial trials and lawsuits,
•Professional and rental leases,
• Sale of real estate property,
• Agency agreements,
• Family law,

Mr. MAUDRET also continues to advise clients on a wide range of general business issues. In particular, the Firm handles matters relating to :

• Litigation arising from warranty agreements relating to assets and liabilities,
• Drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements
• Issues relating to the performance or termination of agreements or long standing commercial relationships.

Honor & Award : Ancien Secrétaire de la Conférence du Stage du Barreau de Paris